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Protect your horse, Slot Top of course

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Australian made and owned company offering a quality product.

Slot Top protective fence caps are ideal for use on common Star Picket fences used in farming and agricultural applications. Made from polypropylene plastic and UV stabilised, the caps protect people and animals from injuries associated with sharp edges on post tops. They also prevent damage to expensive horse rugs. The caps are a fence safety cap and therefore are for this use and not sold as an electric fence product.

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Our benefits

Easy to install

Only takes a few minutes to install on each post, even though the top wire is fitted.

Cost effective

Doesn’t require dismantling your existing fence thus minimizing the installation time and cost.


Made from 3.2 mm Polypropylene plastic and UV stabilised, giving them around 8 years on a fence before the need to replace them.


Can even be used on barbed wire fences.

Choose from two colours

White Slot Top


Black Slot Top

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Caps are required to be tied down using tie wire, to prevent inadvertant removal by people or animals.

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