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Slot Top fence caps are created and designed to be used in Star Picket fences especially. Fence Covers are created for most farming and agricultural settings and make them more functional, safe, and beautiful. The picket fence caps are made of polypropylene place and UV protected so that you won’t worry about the performance and durability even in extreme weather conditions. Picket fence caps are added for complete safety. It has sharp edges at the tops that can be risky for the animals and other creatures around this but fitting the slot top caps can offer complete safety. It serves the purpose of complete safety and the animals will be safe from accidents, scraps, or cuts when come in contact directly with the fence. Fence covers serve safety purposes. You can also ask for the personalized touch and we will serve you with that. So, whatever are your fencing solutions, we assure to get the best for you.

Australian Made and Owned Product Offering Quality, Value and Longevity

Slot Top protective fence caps are ideal for use on common Star Picket fences used in farming and agricultural applications. Made from polypropylene plastic and UV stabilized, the fence covers protect people and animals from injuries associated with sharp edges on post tops. These fence covers also prevent damage to expensive horse rugs. The caps are fence safety caps and therefore are for this use and not sold as an electric fence product, although some of our previous customers have utilized them in this way.

protective fence caps Brisbane

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Using The Slot Top Fence Caps for Enhance Safety Features

Slot Top is a trustworthy name for providing quality fence covers. As with any other business, we also prefer safety as our priority. At Slot Top, we provide you with a range of fence caps that preferring reliability, safety, and functionality with our aesthetic, innovative, and robust products. This quality stands us unique from the rest of the products in the market. Slot Top serves as the integral part of your picket fence and the range of its benefits includes:

  • Complete Safety- Any fence top without fence caps can be risky for the pets and people roaming around it or coming in contact due to its sharp edges. Once picket fence caps are installed then it saves you from significant risks. This will become safe if children are playing area, for animals as well. This makes it highly popular for schools, parks, and fencing for the pets roaming in the yard.
  • Easy to Install- Slot Top fence caps are professionally designed and highly functional. You won’t require any special skills or tools to fit them onto the fence posts. Not just they are easy to install but easy to use so that your safety won’t be compromised.
  • Safe for Animals- Your local wildlife and domestic pets are more like family members and to keep them safe you need to always prefer slot tops that will avoid serious injury due to sharp fence tops. Our products save your animals from potential harm and allow them to be in the atmosphere they like.
  • Highly Durable- Highly durable products are the top choice for the clients and we promise that with our range of products. Our fence covers are safe, high grade, and made with resilient materials that assure you of quality service and longevity.
  • Safe for Environment- Slot top has products that offer durability, and safety, and on top of that these are made with recyclable materials. We not just prefer easy installation, using safe products but also assures responsible disposal of the slot tops once their lifespan ends. Choosing us, means you are playing your part for the safety of the environment.
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Are you looking for premium fencing products, then we are giving you the perfect solutions that will be the answer to all your fencing requirements. We have quality raw materials and a proven manufacturing process that gives you a reason to make a perfect investment. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Fence capping is the installation and repair process of the fence. Every fence should be properly capped as in the absence of that fence will get damaged by the rain’ moisture, water, sunlight heat, and other elements. It will also give a finished look to your fence.

Fence capping can be connected to the top of the fence panel with eth help of screws and nails. Keep it straight and level up before attaching. You can also check for the level. If using the wooden fence, then pre-drill the holes to attach with drills or screws to avoid capping for splitting. After it becomes safe, you can end that off using a miter cut and give it a professional and finished look. 

Yes, surely it is a perfect solution to deal with all issues of the fencing caps. It saves the top layer from heat and moisture from weather and also at the same time makes it safer, better, and lasts longer.