Chain Wire Fence- Considerable Option for Fencing Solutions

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Chain wire fencing is the age-old and yet popular option to fence the garden and other outside areas. It came with the woven wire fabric that is made with galvanized steel or PVC coated steel wire it commonly came in black or green color. Another name for the chain link is diamond fencing, cyclone fencing, or wire netting. It is suitable to cover heights of 4200mm and is highly versatile and an ideal option for schools, industrial spaces, and sports grounds as well. Slot Top fence caps are the specialist to provide you with safe and quality fencing solutions based on your requirements. It is a safe and ideal idea for residential and commercial space, yet, came with some common considerations and they are explained below:


fencing solutions - fence caps


Intrusion and Burglaries

It can indeed be used for commercial or industrial properties and it covers the longer heights to make it difficult to jump over. It is easy to install but if any intruder will cut it down then can end in a burglary.

Danger Zones

You need to be sure that on which areas of the property you are going to install the chain wire fence. If you are planning to install that on-the-spot area, then it can be dangerous to roam or lay around. At that point chain wire proves to be a fantastic solution to keep the dangerous spots enclosed. So, your workers in commercial space and pets or children in the residential space will be safe when roaming around the zone. Slot Top assures to provide you quality wire fence installed in your space.

Messy Areas

Do you have spaces where you keep your equipment or stock places, then using a chain wire fence will be a helpful solution to keep it safe? Chain wire fence prepares a storage space for outdoor items. So, if you are looking for a partition at a factory or want to save that from trespassers, then choosing the chain wire fence is the right solution for you. It is made with galvanized steel that is rust and corrosion-resistant, requires very less maintenance, and pocket-friendly option. It is also available in another material named PVC-coated Steel wire which is free from peeling, splitting, and cracking. It also helps to provide a high level of UV protection and can be chosen by most industrial spaces.



Slot Top fence cap is offering fencing solutions and has high experience in the industry. We are chain fire specialists committed to offering you top-quality fence covers that are functional and durable. We work with experts who promise to provide you with quality results. For more information and custom solutions feel free to give us a call!