10 Creative Fence Cover Ideas to Make a Boring Fence Look Better

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Your outdoor areas and gardens are extra spaces that can be converted into a beautiful and comforting place. However, you can feel interrupted or conscious by passersby and neighbours, but no more with fence covers. Fence covers help to keep the place private and let you enjoy the space the most. It is crucial to cover your fences as they serve a lot of purpose and not going ahead wisely can be troublesome. You can use the below-mentioned ideas that will help you cover the fences and help hide the exteriors, give a definition to your outdoor space, and make it stylish and comfortable.


Unique Ways to Cover Up a Dull Fence


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1. Create A Vertical Tender Garden- Having an old fence is a big no for those who have creativity at their best. The time is to showcase your creativity by changing your fence into a garden art piece by planting a vertical tender garden. With the name, you must be confused that you have to invest thousands of dollars but you need some old boards or pallets left from your old projects to make the planters. Succulents are convenient idea to handle and can hold plants. You can simply hang them on the existing fences and then plant the tender garden you want. Your green landscaping effect is ready to rock. These are the most happening, unique, and nature-friendly fence tops that can work for you.

2. Outdoor Chalkboard for your Kids- Having kids at home the requirement of fences will be even more because you don’t want to someone keep an eye on your kids. It will be wonderful when you turn your boring fences into a creative corner for you and your kids. Yes, the solution is using a chalkboard. It is an effective, budget-friendly, and beautiful-looking idea where you can enjoy a sunny day while creating a beautiful connection with your kid. It will keep your kid busy doing something creative undoubtedly.

3. Bamboo Panel Fence- It is a compact and tall fence caps solution that makes it ideal for the garden and lets it keep your garden and outdoor space away from prying eyes. If you place a bamboo pole fence they will deliver a better exotic look. It is a highly durable solution that lasts for a longer time. To make it last longer and look great, you can use the protective coating. It is highly affordable to be used as fence covers. There are a variety of crafted looks you can give to your space where you already have a fence.

4. Horizontal Slatted Screen- It is quite a popular and amazing fence covers solution. The screens are available in two styles horizontal and vertical slatted screen. The choice is yours to place them the way you like more. It serves the functionality, is budget-friendly, and keeps your privacy untouched. Going for the horizontal placement of a slatted screen proves extra beneficial because you can place some hanging decorations, and grow trailing planters over the covers. It is easy to install if have the materials and equipment and buy the wood posts and slats easily available in the stores.

5. DIY Lattice Screen- These fence covers are the ideal solution for people looking for an eye-pleasing factor for their fences. The lattice screens can be installed on the chain link fences, which will save privacy and look great. It will add on wow factor to your boring chain link fence and give an attractive look to the garden.

6. Climbing Plants to Your Chain Link Fence- It is an easy-to-install, effective, and budget-friendly chain fence covering solution and is perfect for nature lovers. It is easy for planters that need support to grow and saves a lot of money which you are going to spend on the fence covers. It indeed takes time to grow trailing plants but still, your wait will be worth and I promise. You can seek advice from the gardener but most people go with the rambling roses, nasturtium, Virginia creeper, and perennial sweet pea because they grow quickly.

7. Outdoor Garden Curtain Lights- Christmas lights are wonderful solutions to make a boring thing turn into a wonderful piece of art. You can place the clear Christmas lights to change your boring fence dressed up well. Placing that will add some decor to your backyard. Turn them off for the evening party or make your pool party a rocking and happening one. You can do it yourself by simply covering the fence with lights and using the curtain lights on the bushes.

8. Planting Bamboo as Fences- If you don’t want to do much hard work and want a simple, quick, and budget-friendly solution for the fences then planting bamboo shoots in front of your fence covers will be the perfect solution. It is an eco-friendly idea considered by most nature lovers who don’t want their neighbours and passers-by to peep in your privacy. Bamboo plants grow quickly and are sturdy compared to wood and rivals. It is a cost-effective idea compared to wooden fencing highly durable and lasts for years. They are about 8 feet long, natural repellent against weeds and pests and wires can go through bamboo to make additions like using some other additions to make it look even better.

9. DIY Magic Marble Fence- If your fence gets older and has some holes in it then you have no option but to replace it with a new one. Naah, you can clear those bunch of holes by simply filling marbles and giving them a wonderful look. It can be used for the new fences as well and turn the boring fences into attractive and creative looks. For this purpose, just drill some small holes into the fence and place the colourful marbles in that place.

10. Repurpose Old Stuff into Planters- Having old Crocs, rain boots, and kitchen utensils at your place, then in place of throwing them away, you can repurpose them by creating attractive planters with that for your fence. Use them as the fence dress-up and get an enlarged garden even when you lack space for gardening. Holes in the crocs can drain the water and can be the space for the plants. Your colourful rain boots can be turned into beautiful flower pots that can be easily hung on the fences.

Fence Covers Installation

Many things are needed to cap a fence. Think about the variety of fence materials, the shape and diameter of the posts, and other details. The material of post caps might vary. Any fence post may be capped with polypropylene. They need minimal drilling and bolting during installation and are simple to handle. The most recent addition is the slot-top fence covers Installation is simple because of their modern appearance.

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Keeping a boring fence to separate the space, and blocking the view from outsiders is common but when you can change them into the most comforting, beautiful, and attractive piece of art then why not go with the above-mentioned points? These tips will be helpful for homeowners as are highly durable and easy to maintain. When you are looking for fence solutions for your space then can contact Slot Top– leader to provide the personalised fence post caps solutions right under budget and with convenience. For more information and solutions feel free to give us a call today.