How To Attach Fence Post Caps?

fence post caps

Fence post capping is a cost-effective and easy way to further the life of fence posts. They’re also necessary to protect people, pets, and farm animals against injury from sharp edges of fence posts, especially star pickets. Fence post caps enhance the aesthetics of your star picket fence. Moreover, if you have installed wooden fence posts, they can become warped over time due to the rapid loss of moisture from the exposed end grains. Fence capping protects against this warping by covering the end grain and hence protecting it from direct sunlight.


Fence Post Cap Installation

When it comes to capping a fence, there are many things to be considered. The type of fencing, whether metal, wooden or steel fencing, the shape and diameter of fencing posts, etc are some of the important things to consider. The material of post caps also varies accordingly. However, certain types of fence post caps such as polypropylene caps can be used universally on all types of fence posts. They are easier to install than others and don’t need much screwing and drilling. Slot-top fence post caps are the latest addition to this category. Their cutting-edge design offers functionality and ease of installation.

Installing Slot Top Fence Post Caps

Slot-top fence caps are an innovative way to secure fence posts without much effort. Even though they are designed for star pickets used in the farming and agriculture sector, their usage can be modified to apply to other different types of fences as well. Slot-top fence post caps are designed to have a serpentine groove on both sides to secure fence wiring. Easy to install, it involves a pushdown mechanism to secure the wire on both sides, followed by clamping with a metal wire from above downwards. To secure it further, polypropylene glue can be used on the inner sides which helps in fixation. Construction glue won’t work with slot-top fence posts. Slot top caps are made with a 100% recyclable material, making them environmentally friendly. These polypropylene caps are tougher than you think, engineered for durability and strength.

The installation process of slot-top fence caps can be summed up in two steps:

1. Push down the cap on the fence post, covering the top part while guiding the wire through the serpentine grooves.
2. Secure the cap with a wire running from top to side, fastened at the point where the fence wire meets the post.

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