Let’s Go through A Guide to Agricultural Fencing


Similar to our offices, homes, and school grounds, our agricultural land requires safety and fencing. Fencing is helpful to keep animals restricted from entering the limited area. It also helps to keep them in between the restricted areas. Some people use that as a marking for their rural area. Agricultural fencing has been used for years. Earlier it was made using stone structure so that the animals can’t left to roam free. Today, there is a massive revolution to agricultural fencing and now it is available in a variety of materials, and locations based on terrain. Given are the highlighted options that can make the fencing a stylish and wonderful option. Take a look:

Traditional Agricultural Fencing

The traditional and established agricultural fencing is simple post and rail fencing. The construction is easy so the owner can adapt or move it easily for any area having dips or winds. For this purpose, you can drive pointed fence posts to the ground and save the post in holes with post concrete, it can be done in the summer months when soil is loose or dry. Rail and post fencing are applied to keep the small animals inside the yard. You can also make a custom solution with a combination of barbed wire when additional protection. Post and rail fencing is easy to install, offers a traditional look, and is a perfect option for your agricultural land.

Electric Fencing

For increased protection and livestock like sheep, horse, and cattle protection, going with electric fencing is the ideal solution. But, is it worth it? Having electric fencing gives the livestock to back away from the fence line, which means there is a high risk of fleeting. But the electric fencing is the ideal solution when that is erected with metal and cheaper poly posts which means the whole system can be moved. It means it is the ideal solution for keeping the horses inside the training area. With shock, the deter predators kept them under the barrier. Electric fencing is also helpful for small livestock like sheep, chickens, and goats.

Metal Fencing

Galvanized steel post caps are another agricultural fencing option that offers life expectancy and is highly durable because it offers less maintenance compared to other fencing options including timber. Galvanized steel posts do not rot, warp, or split which makes it even more popular.

Important Note

If the livestock fencing is damaged, then it can cause safety hazards. Also, rotting fences can be blown away easily in strong winds. So, for better strength and longevity, keep them fenced properly. Make that regularly cleaned and get done with repair work whenever required.

Picking The Right Fencing Solution for Your Animal?

The answer to this question is based on how many animals you have, what are their size and how they behave. If you have large horses, you require a taller boundary; if you have hens and sheep, then the boundary can be lower according to their heights. Along with height, also consider how these animals dig or crawl underneath the fence. There are some animals even smaller in size that can jump over the fences so to avoid their escape, choose the fencing option wisely.


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