Tips To Keep Your Fence Well-Maintained During Summer

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Fencing is a perfect solution to make the open space closed and beautiful looking. The market is available with a variety of fencing solutions that ensure and offer your property protection for many years or even decades. It requires little maintenance and care to make it last longer. Given are some DIY maintenance tips that help to take the best care of your fence caps this summer and you can take a look at them.

Clear Debris

Some greenage or foliage is more likely to grow during the summer and so requires proper cleaning. To do that, you can clean the fences from unwanted plant growth and remove vines, leaves, or branches that are more likely to grow between rails and boards. There is the possibility of having rocks, concrete, tree roots, and other items stuck onto the foundation of the fence, and clearing them will help to make it last longer. Never allow trees to grow along with the permitter as the roots of the tree can wrap around the fencing and damage its durability and looks at the same time.

Regular Cleaning

If no greenage or any other objects are lying near the foundation or over the fence, still, you need to clean the fences regularly possibly once a month.

  • Having chain, aluminum or steel fencing then is suggested to hose it down once a year at least. For this purpose, you can prepare a soap solution (mix a 1:10 ratio of soap and water) and it will help to scrub down the stubborn dirt. You can use a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles for a better result. Work a little hard to take away the tough stains.
  • Want to clean off the vinyl fencing, use the vinyl cleaning solutions in 3-6 months. Don’t go for repainting the fence, if you still feel it requires fresh paint, then hire professionals for the error-free work.
  • For wooden fence cleaning, create a 1:2 ratio of bleach and water and it will help to clean away the stubborn stains. You can also buy wood-cleaning solutions for rigid stains. If it ends with discoloration of wood, then can paint with matching color.

Check For Damages and Repair It

Once the cleaning is done, then any physical damage to the fence will be visible. It is time to get done with the repairs yourself and if you feel you are unable to do that perfectly, then hire professionals for the error-free work done.

  • Metal fences do not require painting every time you clean them, but if there is any discoloration, then can do so if you want so. If you are planning to paint the fence, then ensure the previous layer is dried properly and then go with the second coat to avoid flaking.
  • Wooden fences are more likely to get damaged when contact in with water. So, ensure you have done with staining. Fix the loose nails to avoid serious damage. Tight all the loose screws and bolts during regular maintenance. If there is any sagging or leaning, you can replace the damaged sections. Replace the palings and pickets when required. Check the hardware of the fencing gates as they are used most often and likely to get more damage. In the condition of snow and rain, it gets more damage, so ensure there is nothing that results in misfunctioning. So, check and replace if there is rust on the hinges and screws around the perimeter of the fencing.

Keep The Fences Rust Proof

In the absence of proper coating, chain fences are more likely to get moisture and hence result in rust. Rain, snow, and morning dew restrict the long-lasting life of fences and so to avoid requires corrosion protection. After getting the cleaning done, apply wax or mineral oils to the springs, hinges, latches, joints, or other metal components. Keeping the gate, rust-free is vital as the rust in the areas will restrict the proper opening and closing.

Avoid Heavy or Hanging Attachments

Making unnecessary drilling to attach heavy attachments to the fence can spoil its structure and if there is a vinyl fence then it will make it more vulnerable or lead to warping and sagging.



A well-maintained fence makes your place look wonderful but fences are more likely to get damaged and if you avoid the damage or regular maintenance then can seriously affect the stability of the fence structure. Here is the time to call professional fencing specialists. Slot tops fence caps are trained to handle complex problems in the shortest time possible. No matter the type, size, and condition of your fences, we assure you will get back beautiful-looking, functional protective fence solutions. For more information feel free to give us a call!