Why Choose Slot Top Fence Caps for the Protection of Your Horses?

Fence Caps for the Protection of Your Horses

Having a single horse staying in your backyard or handling the large equestrian Centre, you always require a properly maintained and designed fence for the protection of the horses. Many people when considering the fence caps prepares attractive fences for the paddocks and pastures. The look of the fence can’t be more concerning than the durability. You have to choose the fence that will protect the horse, people, and property. A fence is considered the best if that is serving durability and functionality, and is pocket friendly at the same time. A piece of product can never be ideal for all owners and applications. You can choose from the fence based on personalized needs or potential uses. At Slot Top Fence Caps, we have a range of products that offers the below-mentioned benefits when you consider them for horse fencing.


horses protection

Our start picket fence caps will provide safety to the horse and people. Horses will be safe behind the fence as they will not come in contact with vehicles or other equipment operating outside the fence. It also saves the property from the horse as they may be dangerous sometime when are away from their handler. Having the horse fence is a must because the horse has limited eyesight and if the fence is highly visible for the running or startled horses then will be a safe option. Fine-edged fences with no nail heads or wire ends will ensure safe movement. There will be no big opening and space between the fence that allows the head or hoof to pass through and the risk of getting stuck. They are tall enough to avoid jumping and keep it with 5 feet high perimeter.

Easy On Your Pocket

The fence is a major investment. You have to bear the cost of the material and consider its maintenance. Some fences may have high initial costs but ask for low maintenance. On the other hand, some may have low installation cost but requires regular maintenance. We offer you a product considering the affordability. We ensure to provide you with products with the best features within an acceptable price range. Our team is highly experienced, so you need not spend dollars to hire a professional contractor.


The fence material, its exposure to weather conditions, its size, and the horse’s aggressiveness are the vital points that need to be considered if you are looking for a durable product. Sometimes a good fence can fall in some time if you ignore any of these points. So, ensure you identify and correct the issues in time. Choosing a paddock for overstocked pasture will get time quickly with the constant pushing by horses on the fence. We have a range of materials available so that you can make a choice as per your requirements.


Whether you choose the best materials, if you have not planned the functionality then all your efforts and money will go in vain. For a functional fence, you have to check and locate the major areas that require fencing with the type of fencing. Look for the places to place waling and vehicle gates. You can design the pasture and paddock system with central access to the work areas, barn, and feed storage. It will help to make it more efficient and you will not end up with operating exposes. You must have a plan ready for future expansion opportunities. Make a design for the longer term, especially in the areas where expansions are banned.


The overall look of the fence should be your final consideration. Choose a well-maintained and attractive fence that will enhance the overall value of the property and looks professional. That should also go with the other important factors like durability, safety, pocket-friendly, and functionality.

Final Words

Star picket fence caps for horses is the necessity of the time required for the safety, and wellness of the property, horses, and people staying in the area. You can use the above-mentioned points explained for getting the best product in the market at the most competitive range.